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12 ways to choose good health in 2012

They say how you spend the first day of the New Year is a good indication of the year ahead. And lo and behold here I am blogging….and cuddling my kids, planning ahead with Mr Surfer Dude, eating well and slowing down. What are you doing?

Every year I have a New Year list of to do’s and goals, previously resolutions.  Over the years as I’ve discovered more about myself and my habits, the style of the list has changed. Instead of “cook more interesting dishes”, I will now write “set up that progressive dinner party with the 4 neighbours to start in Feb”. Many of you will know these as SMART goals.  So much more positive than “resolving” NOT to do something.  I hope you have health goals on YOUR list? My January guest post on GI News looks at choosing health as a path to weight loss and explores the Health at Every Size approach.  Here are 12 more ways to choose health and a healthy relationship with food this new year.

Book the cooks

Sign up for the growing number of new cooking classes with a healthy or traditional diet focus.  I’ve signed up for events at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival like this kitchen garden forage and cooking class at Heidi.  Try Japanese or Mediterranean cuisine to get back to the source and unlock those health secrets.  Open your mind to new ingredients and flavour pairings.

Try Feb Fast

If you’re looking to quit smoking, curb the booze or work on another habit that is hard to break, don’t even think about going it alone.  Seek out expertise and support.  Get involved in monthly alcohol free challenges like Feb Fast or Dry July. Or better still why not explore Hello Sunday Morning.  Circle the calendar or wall planner now.

Check it

Don’t put off that health check, routine blood or fitness test, or review with your doctor.  Have you had the recommended checks for men or women listed here?  Book your appointments this week.

Run away to the circus

Find a fitness plan that is fun (most of the time)  and works for you. It’s taken me decades to realise I best love and respond to outdoor, group style, constantly changing and challenging classes, so Step into Life works for me.  Extend and stretch yourself and try something new. Why not try acrobatics or circus skills like our Oct Sub of the Month Ashleigh Jones? Sign up for a block of surf lessons? Indoor rock climbing? Parkour?

Slow down

Look at your New Year list and cross off a couple of goals right now.  Go on.  You know it’s going to be hard to fit everything in. Be realistic. Be kind to yourself. You can schedule these to start in July.  Find space for slow days and slow food.


Instead of doing the supermarket rush when it’s super busy on the weekend – you only end up getting stressed in the aisles and falling prey to pester power or impulse purchases.  Why not change your habits and shake things up?  Try your local farmers market or community swap.  I’m going to try marking my calendar with no appointments on Wednesdays so I can do a mid-week shop and “research” at the South Melbourne or Footscray Markets.  Then I can pop to one of the majors at 7am after morning training midweek, to stock up on non-perishables.

Give back and share

I’m looking forward to mentoring more upcoming nutritionists and dietitians in our Sub of the Month program.  I’m also going to continue to volunteer my time to community causes like food security.  How about registering at your local soup kitchen, community garden or Foodbank? How about giving blood? Doing something for others helps put life in perspective and makes you appreciate what you have, right here, today.  It’s good for your mental health.

Plan that vac-ay

Are you one those people with weeks of holidays owing? Why? If you’re saving them up for a sabatical, house renovation project or major trip, well ok. But if you just haven’t got around to it, you’re doing your health a disservice. I’ve just handed Mr Surfer Dude the 2012 wall planner.  We’ve mapped the school and public holidays and are now onto plotting the fun runs, marathons (him) and the active holidays and beach short breaks.  He’s a fish out of water without a surf safari to look forward to. Your mind, mood and body needs a break too.

Buddy up

Phone a friend, join a class with your mum, set up a powerwalk program with your bestie and surround yourself with support.  Roll with people that have similar goals to you and suss out your saboteurs.

See the experts

You don’t ask your plumber for legal advice, do you? If you have a medical nutrition issue or need expert advice and coaching on nutrition see an Accredited Practising or Registered Dietitian.

Go techno and social

Get appy with your smart phone to help you stay on the health track.  We look forward to bringing you more reviews soon. I’m loving my ipad for recipe videos wall mounted with the Wallee in my kitchen. And as Weight Watchers Nutrition Advisor I can tell you that the new iphone app and etools is proving a huge success with Members.  Also check out Healthshare new online health community for sharing and caring with people and patients like you. I’m one of the expert panel members and there’s a huge number of health bodies involved.

Read it, before you eat it

Last but not least, make sure you catch all our posts. You can sign up to receive them by email in the top right corner by clicking on the envelope symbol or “like” our Scoop facebook page. We have so much planned and promise to bring you the scoop on the latest and greatest nutrition news plus more fabulous experts.  Leave a comment or two, we know we have a lot to learn from YOU this year too.  What are your goals or plans for 2012? With health as a focus I know it’s going to be a good one.

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    Anyway, not sure if you have read this book already or are interested but feel free to visit me for a chance to win!

  • oooh I want a Wallee!!! We are about to reno our kitchen so making a space for this will be a priority 🙂

    Many of my 2012 goals are similar to yours. No idea if we will get a big holiday this year, but we will have at least 2-3 short breaks away – just booked the first one, in 8 weeks for 4 nights away. And as I forgot to book checked luggage, I can’t take a laptop. But can probably squeeze in my ipad… YAY!!

    My hubby and I are going out on Wed to do our planning for the year and set our personal and “couple” goals.

    AND Happy 2012!

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