2013 and food: A taste of what’s trending – by guest expert Hannah Gilbert APD

Stop press. We’re calling you… fellow foodies, dietitians, home cooks and chefs. Gone are the 2012 better-for-you burgers and cake pops. The top Scoop food trends for 2013 are here.  Think (and dream) of South American and Asian cuisine fusioned together for double the deliciousness, artisanal shopping, frozen creations and grasshoppers.  We know our Scoop readers like to be on top of what’s hot and not in food and nutrition and what’s going to turn up the heat in the kitchen. So, here we have it… 13 of of our handpicked hottest food trends this New Year.  Some are hot for your health and others pure, new taste indulgence.

About our expert:

 Hannah Gilbert is an APD passionate about nutrition research and communications. Hannah has recently moved to Sydney for a role with The Food Group Australia after working as a Research Dietitian with CSIRO in Adelaide. Hannah has a keen interest in social media, food styling and food photography and spends her spare time browsing the abundance of nutrition, food and cooking blogs at her fingertips. Connect with her on twitter @hancgilbert.

Trend time

1.    South American is where its at

Thanks to food trucks and the Mexican restaurant wave that has hit Sydney and Melbourne, we are relatively well accustomed with taquitos, tostadas and tacos. But, it’s time to look south, to Peru. Peruvian cuisine encompasses ceviche, chimichurri sauce, spicy heat and fresh flavours and it, plus our friend the Mexican, will be essential cuisines in all kitchens this coming year.

2.    Asian-South American fabulous fusion

Korean Mexican is what’s on fire (literally) with tacos coupled with kimchi, bibimbap burritos and fajita hot pots taking over the reigns in our Korean, Wagyu and Peruvian restaurants.

3.    Eat globally in your own backyard with artisan supermarkets

Save your frequent flyers by shopping and supporting your local artisan producers for everything from breads to cured meats to cheeses. Woolworths and Coles have claimed they’re jumping on this bandwagon, so expect a rise in artisan products in your local supermarkets, not to mention access to sushi-chefs and a pizzeria, if you feel so inclined.

4.    Food trucks for a taste of what’s to come

This mobile street food movement continues to provide something different that is also cheap, quick, fresh and ever so convenient if stopped near your abode at 6pm on that idle Tuesday. Food trucks provide those up and coming dishes and have been nicknamed ‘trend incubators’ that offer adventurous dishes unfound elsewhere.

5.    Kid food for big kids

Chef’s are taking children’s party fare a step further and adding twists to all our old favourites. Think deconstructed, new and sophisticated macaroni cheese and sausage rolls with stunning presentation.

6.    Share plates for a better dining experience

Gone are the days of the three-course meal. Small plates and dishes ‘to share’ are trending, offering diners a more relaxed experience, with more variety and a chance to sample more of what’s on offer.

7.    Veggies get the credit they deserve

Back in 2012, we made headway with the #Eatkit conversation ‘Vegetables are the new black’. In 2013, vegetables are tipped to be back bigger than before in the 2013 Food Forward Report by Weber Shandwick. (Although I think Emma had a secret hand in that trend as she was one of the influencers interviewed for the survey!)  Thanks to farmers markets, kitchen gardens and rising meat costs, Aussies are welcoming vegetables to the centre of their plates, flirting with meatless meals and embracing seasonal, local fare.

8.    Sweet and savoury combine as one

It sounds rather Willy Wonka or Heston Blumenthal, but this year sweet and savoury flavours will be continue to be combined for double the taste sensation. Rollover salted caramel and be prepared for more fruit in savoury dishes from soups to meat main courses.

9.    Go, Aussie, go with native ingredients

Specialty butchers are now stocking wallaby, emu and camel for your Australia Day BBQ. Too much you say? Edible insects like grasshoppers and locusts are also tipped to be on the rise. If vego is more your style, then keep a look out for indigenous plants such as the Kakadu Plum or Warrigal Greens.

10. Frozen treats

‘Icecream’ is no longer the Neapolitan tub from the supermarket. This treat has turned boutique with flavours such as pistachio, caramelised fig, and panacottta becoming mainstream. Have you tried our Recipe Redux Berry Basil Ice Cream? Frozen yoghurt joints with uncountable toppings continue to pop up everywhere.

11. Go grains

Grains, the nutrition powerhouses known for their carbohydrate, protein and fibre content are up and coming in trendy restaurants. Quinoa, the grain of 2011 and 2012 has been overtaken by polenta, pearl couscous, bulgur, amaranth, millet, steel cut oats, wild rice and buckwheat.

12. Popcorn- the new snack

The childhood favourite (and healthier) snack will pop up everywhere and in everything from hot and spicy tex-mex flavours or maple syrup coated.

13. Back to basics

Savvy, health conscious consumers will continue to seek out fresh, seasonal produce and nutritious, minimally processed foods with ingredients they recognise. Cheers to that we say.

Editor’s comment:

Thanks Hannah for this excellent wrap up.  What’s on your radar or dining table this New Year lovely readers?  And don’t forget to mark your diary for our next #eatkit February 2oth 9pm AEDST for a twitter chat as we explore these trends further with co-moderator Catherine Saxelby from Foodwatch.  For example with pop-up dining and share plates, meals are downsizing. Is this a good or bad thing? Does this stimulate appetites or control portions for a healthy weight?  You can check out all the #eatkit questions here before the night.


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