Hip hip hooray! It’s our 3rd blog birthday

Yes, that’s right, we’re celebrating big time today in the press room.  Another successful year has passed and it’s time to give thanks, make sure you caught the headlines and give you the scoop on what we’re cooking up next.


We loved….

Bringing………… you more fantastic dietitians and nutritionists, thanks for the wonderful posts to the past years contributors Shae Rickards, Casey Lewis, Kathy Usic, Sarah Leung, Jessica Tzvetkoff, Emily Houlahan, Camilla Cahill, Simone Austin, Tiffany Williams, Melanie McGrice, Dr Fiona Pelly, Dr Joanna McMillan, Larissa Meecham, Emily Orchard, Glenn Cardwell, Linda Chemello & Melissa Adamski, Prof Salas Salvado & Dr Ros, Michelle Broom, Ivana Goluza, Natalie Edwards, Angela Saunders & Michelle Reid, Antigone Kouris-Blazos, Melinda Boyd, Stephanie Langton, Di Munns, Dr Jane Muir, Chloe Mcleod, Danika Carty and especially to the wonderful  Hannah Gilbert for three posts also seen here and here and all the extra support during her time as my APD mentee.

Continuing …… the Sub of the Month mentoring program and encouraging more nutritionists and dietitians to jump on line professionally.  Thank you to all our amazing Subs in our 3rd year: Jessica Tzvetkoff who is going great guns with her site Nutrition and Style; Camilla Cahill who has just landed a new nutrition communication job;  Tiff Williams who is outback doing wonderful things in Indigenous health (check out her Instagram @youcancallmetiff); Hannah Gilbert who has had to move back home to Sydney as she had exhausted every winery and restaurant in Adelaide; Larissa Meecham who continues to inspire us with recipe inspiration; Linda Chemello and Melissa Adamski busy with their business Nutted Out Nutrition; Ivana Goluza who is growing The Nutrition Panel as an excellent service; Natalie Edwards who you’ll be hearing more from as my 2013 APD mentee; Stephanie Langton who is just back to Uni and her final year of dietetics (good luck!); Di Munns who has bravely started blogging; Danika Karty who has graduated and is embarking on her first private practice with great style; and last but not least Kasey Bateup who has been entertaining and teasing us with fab food all month on our Facebook page – stay tuned for her guest post early next week.  Thanks to all the previous subs too for staying in touch – drop us an update and a link below in the comments so everyone knows how well you’re doing with digital.

Growing…… our live twitter chat #EatKit in conjunction with Catherine Saxelby of FoodWatch.  Thanks to Chobani for being a supporter last year.

Helping…others and using social media for social good.  One of our most important posts was for World Blog Action Day as I’m a World Vision Blogger Ambassador – Take my hand we’ll make it I swear. The Power of We on World Blog Action Day.

It’s time to say a huge thanks to…

You.  Yes, you are the top of the list. Our lovely readers and supporters.  We can’t thank you enough for your comments and interest in sound nutrition and having a healthy relationship with food.


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Thanks to Janet Helm for joining me to present on social media at our International Congress of Dietetics, along with Kara Lydon, Jacqui Gingras, Julie Rochefort  and Teri Lichtenstein.  Social Media is now well on it’s way to being a legitimate tool for health professionals and nutrition researchers in Australia.

Thanks to GI News and The Food Coach for our guest posting.  And to all the wonderful Recipe Redux members who inspire us in the Kitchen Klinic, especially founding dietitians Regan Miller Jones, Deanna Segrave-Daly and Serena Ball.

Sincere thanks to Ocean Spray and Golden Circle Healthy Life Juice for being Scoop Supporters and enabling us to have our Scoop Sub of the Month program.  If you know anyone who may be interested in supporting us contact us here for details or a media kit.

Finally to Fleur in the Scoop newsroom, for unrivaled support and organisation.

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