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Recipe Redux: I’ll have what she’s having sourdough & chia bread – by Emma Stirling APD

Oh my what a theme for this month’s Recipe Redux.  With the Academy Awards on our doorstep the idea is to take recipe inspiration from a favourite movie scene.  I have so many favourite foodie films, like Eat Drink Man Woman and Chocolat but they seem a little too obvious.  So of course I chose this:

So did you catch the famous pastrami on rye from Katz’s Delicatessen before Meg’s eyes rolled back? For a long time now I’ve been wanting to try my baker’s hand at making a sourdough rye loaf from my own starter culture.  But I’ve been a bit worried that I too would be fakin’ it? Could it really be as good as the real deal from one of my ah-maze local bakeries like Sourdough Kitchen in Seddon or Lamadre Bakery in Geelong (hi Anna) Would it really make me ooh and ahh?

Start at the very beginning

Starter cultures are big deal in baking.  A religion really.  So I can’t take credit for these steps and after much research decided to follow this easy how-to video from the wonderful Jules at Stone Soup.  My starter was only up to day 5 when I got baking with it.  If you allow yours to mature until at least day 10, you can skip the yeast as the lactic acid will have fermented nicely. Jules has this fantastic way of baking bread in a dutch oven, so I copied that too.  She really is awfully clever – you will love her virtual cooking school at Stone Soup.  I jiggled her recipe with other’s, added chia seeds for a boost of essentials and soluble fibre, plus pepitas on top just because I love them.

I’ll have what she’s having sourdough & chia bread

200g bread flour, 150g organic stoneground rye flour, 200g starter culture (see above), 240g water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon dried yeast, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, semolina

Mix the flours, water, yeast, salt and starter together, cover and leave to rest for 8hours or more.  Preheat oven with the lidded Dutch Oven inside on full temperature for 30minutes.  Form your loaf into shape on a heavily floured bench, mixing in the chia seeds as you go, but there’s no need to knead.  Sprinkle semolina on the top side, which will become the base.  Remove hot Dutch Oven, sprinkle base with flour, flip in loaf carefully and stud top quickly with pepitas. Pop on lid and then back in oven for 30min.  Remove the lid, turn the oven down to 200degrees and bake for around 15min longer to brown the top.

Now I know I know you’re going to say what happened?  As my loaf does look…well, a little like it….*ahem*….. couldn’t get it up.  Things did fall a little flat compared to Meg’s high octane delights.  And yes the pepitas did get a tad hot under the collar.  But we’re in a heat wave at the mo and I think my starter culture was too hot and bothered and liquidy the day of baking, so I’m going to try again when my starter is a little more mature and the cool change blows in.  But then I decided to simply look passed appearance, close my eyes and relax into it  (with just a little dab of Myrtleford Cultured Butter for my bread).

And all I can say is, it seriously hit the spot.  Seriously. This is no pretender. No faker.  It’s a keeper.  And I’ll be going back for more, multiple times.  I can’t wait to see what the other Reduxer’s got up to.  I hope they were as satisfied as me:

  • Nina Mills

    Love your cheeky post Emma! When it comes to bread, I don’t think it needs to be pretty – it is all about the taste and texture.

  • Heidi – Apples Under My Bed

    He he he so much ‘lol’ing throughout this post. I can just imagine it tasted fabulous, looks truly yummy even if it couldn’t fully rise to the occasion. I am super keen to try some myself! Gotta get a stinky starter happening!
    Heidi xo
    ps LOVE When Harry Met Sally – favourite.

  • Travelling Dietitian

    Looks delicious!!! This bread should be found in the top cafes in Melbourne. I would be a very happy lady 🙂

  • lovenutritionlivelife

    Fantastic post Em! Not only does that recipe look to die for but quite a funny post there and definitely made me laugh. There is nothing better than fresh homemade bread and love the innovative chia addition! Nice work

  • I’ve been making no knead bread using the method from the Sullivan St Bakery Manhattan for a few years now Em. Some of my loaves looked just like yours too 🙂 Starters are admirable but the no knead method almost ferments as it goes with its standing time of anywhere from 16-20 hours. Same dutch oven cooking method but easier to manage on an adhoc basis. If I prepare my dough in the afternoon I can bake for lunch the next day. Here you go check it out xx

  • Camilla Ferraro

    Definitely the most amusing post on bread I’ve ever read…and for the record i love the look of your loaf and I’m sure it tasted even better. I’m a tad jealous definitely going to try my hand at bread making now!

  • Great minds think alike! I also picked “When Harry Met Sally” :). Looking forward to trying your bread recipe!

  • EmmaStirling

    thanks Camilla – it’s so much fun you must give it a go

  • EmmaStirling

    Oooh Karen thanks for sharing off to watch your vid….and of course I’m not surprised you are a baking success!

  • EmmaStirling

    Love the chia too Steph….hardly noticeable and good for fussy kids

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Kara – quite nice portion and carb control without intending so!

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Heidi – I chuckled so hard watching that scene over again

  • EmmaStirling

    Love your post this month too Nina! Breakfast at Tiffany’s a classic too good not to cover

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Cheryl – off to read your post

  • Deanna Segrave-Daly

    Oh what fun! One of my all time fav movies – I thought about doing a chuck wagon dish as a riff off of the “wagon wheel coffee table” or some recipe with the dressing on the side. I’ve never used a starter for bread but always have wanted to – you have inspired me, my friend!

  • Emma, You nailed it! I used a different scene in the same flick.

  • Liz – Meal Makeover Moms

    Love the scene. Hilarious post. Great recipe too!

  • Katie – Healthy & Happy Hour

    What a fun post…thanks for adding in your personality to make this really fun to read. I was at Katz’s deli last time I was in NYC visiting my sister….those sandwiches are WAY too much for one lady to finish 🙂

  • Great post and great recipe! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Sarah

    This is one of my all time favorite movies!! Your post is too funny! Love chia seeds in anything! Great recipe!

  • serena

    Hahaha! What a super fun post. I’m a starter culture virgin…so thanks for the ‘scoop’!!

  • Dr Barb, Nutrition Budgeteer

    Emma, you are so darn funny. You had me almost crying I was laughing so hard. I once made a yeast bread using a dutch oven and it was the best looking bread I’ve ever made. It looked like a mushroom, based on the shape of the pan. But, remember, looks aren’t everything.

  • I love this post so much. Hysterical, and not just in a ‘mum joke’ sort of way. Very clever Em! PS. The bread looks phenomenal!

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