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The Travelling Dietitian’s 2013 hand picked food finds – by Kara Landau APD

Did you catch our #eatkit live twitter chat last week?  We had so much fab discussion exploring 2013 hot food and nutrition trends. So it is very timely that we have this post from The Travelling Dietitian and a closer look at the weird and wonderful global food market.

About our expert:

Kara Landau APD (The Travelling Dietitian) is the founding manager of Corporate Nutrition Melbourne, an Australia wide workplace nutrition consultancy service provider.  She has just published her first book The Clean SeparationUtilising the power of nutrition after a stressful life event to move forward and become the best possible version of yourself!  Check out more about The Travelling dietitian and “The Clean Separation” on her blog and join her on Facebook or Twitter.

After a year full of exciting adventures searching through supermarkets, health food shops, and food markets around the globe, I came back to Australia to be asked time and time again, “what were your favourite healthy packaged products that you found overseas?” and “Are there any super-foods that haven’t made their way to our shores yet here in Australia?”

There were a few key stand-outs from around the globe that I do hope make their way onto our shelves one day!

Skyr – from Iceland 

This super high protein non -fat yoghurt has a creamy consistency that could only be described as slightly resembling of a smooth ricotta cheese. With 19g of protein, being low GI and all for less than 450kJ, it was a winner in my eyes!

Coconut Milk Ice-cream with no added sugar

This dairy free ice cream with no added sugar tasted insanely good. It had 10g of fibre, again for less than 450kJ, and without any artificial sweeteners…thumbs up!

Quest Nutrition Bars – NYC

These bars were amazing! No artificial ingredients, 20g of protein, 17g of fibre, and a whole lot of prebiotics for a healthy gut! This all for less than 800kJ and they tasted yum! I was in love with these (and am SO excited to be able to let all the Aussies here know that they will be available in Australia in early 2013!)

Muscle Milk’n’Oats – Finland

For people on the go, I thought these were quite clever; they were a mixture of a protein powder and oats (which yes, technically you can make yourself, but the convenience factor here I thought was quite savvy!). 30g of protein, around 4g of fibre, and all you had to do was add hot water from memory!

Benecol-Light – England and Benecol Oats- Finland

These products were both for cholesterol lowering and contained the plant sterols that are found in some of the fortified margarines, cheeses, milks, and now yoghurts here in Australia. I thought it was quite smart to get your whole daily recommendation of plant sterols to lower cholesterol into one serve of the food (in Australia they only are allowed to provide 1 serve of the plant sterols per recommended serve of the food). You had little yoghurt shots in England, and oat sachets with the plant sterols in Finland (clever!).

Editor’s comments:

Thanks Kara and congrats on your book.  The Clean Separation can be ordered here on Amazon. I love seeing this round up of latest functional foods and trends on your travels.  Love to hear what’s on your radar lovely readers?

  • Heidi – Apples Under My Bed

    I am SO excited to try that coconut milk ice-cream in the states soon! Great post!

    Heidi xo

  • Travelling Dietitian

    Thanks Heids! Im jealous, you are going to love it!

  • Kasey Bateup

    Sign me up for a Quest Nutrition Bar! Holy cow 17g of fibre! Amazed. Great post Kara.

  • I love Siggi’s! I just moved to Melbourne from New York and I definitely miss skyr and Greek yogurt. I know there’s Chobani here, but it can be hard to find, especially the natural flavor.

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