Cooking, caring and celebrating Mother’s Day with World Vision – by Emma Stirling APD

As we approach Mother’s Day in Australia I’m looking forward to a handmade card and the school made bath bombs that Master 8 let slip are under his bed!  I’m sure I’ll get cold congealed eggs for breakfast in bed again.  But Miss Ten will no doubt remember the last of the summer basil garnish.  Bless her inner foodie.  I’m looking forward to hugging my own mum too and celebrating all that we do.  Let’s face it. Mother’s are amazing.  But I also have an important project to share with you.  A World Vision project that you can support.  A project that helps Mother’s around the world, not as fortunate as me and you.


 Source: via World Vision Australia on Pinterest

This beautiful photo of women gathering to combine and prepare their food together in Bangladesh, is from a stunning new book called Vision of Hope by acclaimed Australian photographer Ken Duncan.


Source: via World Vision Australia on Pinterest

Ken traveled to six countries with World Vision to capture the stories and images of mother’s.  I love this shot of waiting for the tea to boil in a family ger – a traditional Mongolian home.


Source: via World Vision Australia on Pinterest

The kitchen is the heart of the home for grandmother Angela in Ecuador. Her grandaughter Selena is sponsored through World Vision, and the family keeps pigs, chickens and other animals on their property. With the help of World Vision they are working towards being self-sufficient one day.

But I think this photo below is my favourite.  Just a busy mum with her back turned in a kitchen in Ecuador.  Trying to get family dinner done.  Before little hands (or little dogs) start picking.

To support the community development work of World Vision you can purchase this beautiful book, Vision of Hope, here.  You may also like to read our archived post on using your social media for social good, whatever your cause.  Even a simple share or like of this post, is doing good.

And to all the amazing mothers. Rest, relax, enjoy.



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