Join our Food Revolution Day: Scoop Challenge – by Emma Stirling APD

Did you know?  The first post we ever published on Scoop over three years ago, was about Jamie Oliver and the way he was trying to change they way we cook and eat.  Jamie’s Food Revolution has grown over those years (just like us) and we are proud to act as local Ambassadors in Melbourne, for the upcoming Food Revolution Day.

Now we are the first to admit that Jamie doesn’t always get it 100% right, just as we said back in our original post.  He certainly ruffled a few feathers with our US dietitian colleagues for overlooking their progress.  But he does have the 100% right vision, as idealistic as that may be.  And he does have an unstoppable energy and passion for cooking skills, as a path to set nutrition free.  And that’s exactly what we want to see.  So we ask you to show your support for culinary education and join in our Scoop Nutrition Food Revolution Day Challenge on May 17.

What is it?

Food Revolution Day is a global day of action aimed to inspire people to get cooking and champion better food skills for people of all ages.

Scoop Nutrition Challenge

Step 1: Pick it.

Select a favourite Jamie Oliver recipe.

Step 2: Source it.

Find as many local ingredients or one hero to showcase in the recipe.  We are going to highlight some local Victorian producers.

Step 3: Cook it.

Get set to have your dish cooked on or in the lead up to Friday May 17.

Step 4: Eat it.

Eat and enjoy it, hopefully in the company of great friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner on May 17. Find info on hosting your own dinner party or activities for the home, school or office here.

Step 5: Share it.

Jump back to this post on Food Revolution Day – May 17 and add a comment and upload a photo using our Disqus comment tool for all to see.  Add in the link to the Jamie Oliver recipe if online.  And tell us a little about the local ingredient(s) you used and the meal. Share the image on facebook, twitter or instagram using the hashtags #FRD2013 and #scoop.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to plan it. And be in it with us.  Our intern Camilla is getting set to RT and share your culinary creations.  Drop us a line below and tell us if you’re in?  And jump over now and add your social media weight to the Food Revolution Day Thunderclap.  Your pre-scheduled tweet will join millions making some noise to keep cooking skills alive!

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