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Join our Food Revolution Day: Scoop Challenge – by Emma Stirling APD

Did you know?  The first post we ever published on Scoop over three years ago, was about Jamie Oliver and the way he was trying to change they way we cook and eat.  Jamie’s Food Revolution has grown over those years (just like us) and we are proud to act as local Ambassadors in Melbourne, for the upcoming Food Revolution Day.

Now we are the first to admit that Jamie doesn’t always get it 100% right, just as we said back in our original post.  He certainly ruffled a few feathers with our US dietitian colleagues for overlooking their progress.  But he does have the 100% right vision, as idealistic as that may be.  And he does have an unstoppable energy and passion for cooking skills, as a path to set nutrition free.  And that’s exactly what we want to see.  So we ask you to show your support for culinary education and join in our Scoop Nutrition Food Revolution Day Challenge on May 17.

What is it?

Food Revolution Day is a global day of action aimed to inspire people to get cooking and champion better food skills for people of all ages.

Scoop Nutrition Challenge

Step 1: Pick it.

Select a favourite Jamie Oliver recipe.

Step 2: Source it.

Find as many local ingredients or one hero to showcase in the recipe.  We are going to highlight some local Victorian producers.

Step 3: Cook it.

Get set to have your dish cooked on or in the lead up to Friday May 17.

Step 4: Eat it.

Eat and enjoy it, hopefully in the company of great friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner on May 17. Find info on hosting your own dinner party or activities for the home, school or office here.

Step 5: Share it.

Jump back to this post on Food Revolution Day – May 17 and add a comment and upload a photo using our Disqus comment tool for all to see.  Add in the link to the Jamie Oliver recipe if online.  And tell us a little about the local ingredient(s) you used and the meal. Share the image on facebook, twitter or instagram using the hashtags #FRD2013 and #scoop.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to plan it. And be in it with us.  Our intern Camilla is getting set to RT and share your culinary creations.  Drop us a line below and tell us if you’re in?  And jump over now and add your social media weight to the Food Revolution Day Thunderclap.  Your pre-scheduled tweet will join millions making some noise to keep cooking skills alive!

  • Hannah Gilbert

    Great idea Em! Can’t wait to pick, source, cook, eat and share xx

  • Bizzy Lizzy

    Love this concept!

  • Claudia

    can’t wait to see what everyone cooks to share to see how everyone helps within this cause.

  • Karen Kingham

    Kale from the garden – picked! Bring on #FRD2013

  • EmmaStirling

    Great to have you on board Lizzy

  • EmmaStirling

    Yeah me too Claudia

  • Karen Kingham

    Hoping my Kale gets to feature in this comment. Hate for you all to miss out 🙂

  • Samantha Diamond

    Jamie’s Mushroom soup with cheesy, apple and walnut croutes is the perfect winter warmer! 100% of the fresh ingredients have been sourced locally from our own balcony veg garden, Forster Community Garden and The Farmers Patch (our friendly fruit and veg shop). The ciabatta sourdough is made locally in Morpeth, the olive oil is produced at Pukara Estate in Muswellbrook and the Cheddar cheese is made here in Forster (I replaced stilton cheese in this recipe with cheddar). Not only was the meal absolutely delicious, Mother-Nature will also appreciate what it cost to make it to the dinner table. The finishing touch was good company.

  • EmmaStirling

    So excited to wake up and fid your post Sam and what a goodie!! We are off on our way. Welcoming Food Revolution Day!!

  • EmmaStirling

    Last night I roasted a beautiful free range Bannockburn whole chicken. And then used the carcass, farmers market Kale, carrots, celery, onion, my backyard lemons and herbs, plus a lotta love to make Jamie’s Chicken Garden Soup. It’s pure and simple. And uses every bit of the bird. I’m off to a foodservice conference today at a hospital so am taking a thermos! And know that my family will enjoy the soup all day too. Send you another pic later. xx
    Recipe here:

  • EmmaStirling

    Here’s my styled version this morning!

  • EmmaStirling

    Last night I roasted a beautiful free range Bannockburn whole chicken for our dinner. And then used the carcass, farmers market Kale, carrots, celery, onion, my backyard lemons and herbs, plus a lotta love to make Jamie’s Chicken Garden Soup. It’s pure and simple. And uses every bit of the bird. I’m off to a foodservice conference today at a hospital so am taking a thermos! And know that my family will enjoy the soup all day too. Send you another pic later. xx

  • EmmaStirling
  • Heidi – Apples Under My Bed

    Just had to jump in & say woohoo! great work, Em, loving seeing what everyone is making 🙂

  • Heidi Apples

    Made avocado toast for breakfast today! Kind of like this recipe but with wholegrain dark rye toast & no egg 🙂

  • Karen Kingham

    Last night I cooked this family favourite sopa de lentejas. A recipe close to my heart it comes from a dear friend @NicoleMSenior and is a recipe handed down by the strong and beautiful Spanish women in her family. It’s a lovely fluid recipe that adapts to the season and what you find in your fridge and garden. Strictly it’s a soup – ‘sopa’ but we love it thick and stewy and it’s
    always a competition to see who gets the most pieces of chorizo. A link to a recipe that closely resembles this can be found here
    My Fresh ingredients were sourced locally from my farmers market, some organic some not. The kale of course was from my garden as were the bay leaves – love a bay tree! The practicalities in my life meant the remaining ingredients simply came from my local supermarket.

    In a clash of cultures, but one which we love, I accompanied this dish with Brown Soda Rolls which have a firm Irish heritage. Rustic, crunchy and comforting, the recipe comes from Heidi, at Apples Under My Bed – thank you lovely girl!

    Eaten as all my main meals are, with a very hungry Master 7 (almost 8), Miss 10 going on 15 and my patient and ever enduring husband. And because it is a generous meal, both my children have it in a thermos today for a warming school lunch (snap Emma!). I shall enjoy the final remains when I return to my home office later after client meetings – can’t wait. Looking forward to catching up on all your #FRD2013 comments. Have a great day

    xxx Karen

  • Camilla Ferraro

    YUMMO Karen looks delish! I’ll have to try it and the soda bread looks amazing too. Thanks for joining in!

  • Camilla Ferraro

    Yum Heidi-this rye bread looks divine and avo’s are my absolute favourite! Nice 😉

  • Camilla Ferraro

    Beautifully done Em! Send me a thermos 😉

  • Camilla Ferraro

    Getting my slow cook on today I’ll keep you posted for the finished result! Making ‘Jool’s beef stew’ off Jamie’s website 🙂 keep the posts coming!

  • Heidi Apples

    Thanks, Camilla!! I should add that the avocados were from a Farmer’s Market here in San Francisco & the bread is made locally. Delicious!

  • Heidi Apples

    Just so much love for this post, thanks Karen! Jealous of your garden kale & I’m thrilled you enjoyed the rolls. The lentil & chorizo stew looks scrumptious, what a lovely recipe. Heidi xo

  • Karen Kingham

    Thanks Heidi! With a small boy who is hard to fill up your soda rolls nail it every time. Plus I get big hugs from my children every time I make them because they love them!

  • Karen Kingham

    Do Camilla, they are so easy!

  • I made Jamie’s Swedish Meatballs Celeriac and Spinach Rice using some local produce that I got from the Whitehorse Farmers Market on Sunday. I found a lovely looking celeriac that I thought would be a great
    ingredient to highlight since it is one of those vegies that we rarely
    cook. I also picked up some lovely baby spinach, dill, lemon thyme, and
    carrots. Along with some pork and beef mince from my newly reopened
    local butcher I had everything I needed. Unfortunately no direct link is available for Jamie’s recipe on his website, but I have posted a story about it, along with a picture of the recipe on my blog:

  • Aaaw it is so special that this favourite in our family is now a favourite in yours. This is what it’s all about: sharing the love through food. XO

  • So proud of your photo collage! And garden Kale! And the love & sharing in this meal. x

  • Looking special already! Thanks for all your help today as I struggle with my phone at the conference.

  • Missing you but loving the food from afar. Avo on toast. Pure. Bliss.

  • Natalie Edwards

    Jamie’s grilled tuna kinda nicoise salad! I am excited to showcase some of the amazing produce in the Hunter Region, NSW.

    In this dish I have sourced Pukara Estate Olive Oil from Muswellbrook and Fresh Sourdough bread from Morpeth. The Tuna was not only bought in my hometown of Port Stephens, it was caught locally as well!

    Basil was home grown and tomatoes were bought from
    our local fruit and veg supplier, Bay Green Grocer. I had difficulty sourcing
    the beans locally as they are not in season now. I did however buy them from
    the local market; the beans were grown in QLD.

    This dish was delicious and a great meal to share
    with my family. Good company and good food, couldn’t ask for a better foodie

  • I have my local ingredients, still haven’t decided what to cook – but I’ll let you know! I’ve banged out a quick blog post here:

  • Natalie Edwards

    Sorry, pic attached- Jamie’s grilled tuna kinda nicoise salad!

  • Heidi Apples

    love this 🙂

  • Natalie Edwards

    Great work Sam 😉 how good is the Morpeth Sourdough!

  • EmmaStirling

    Fantastic thanks Kerryn!

  • EmmaStirling

    Yeah Glenda!

  • Camilla Ferraro

    The finished product! Absolutely delishimo the photo doesn’t do it justice! Served with firm polenta and serve of broccoli! Keep the recipe pics coming!

  • Loving Food Revolution Day. Just made fig, panchetta & basil bruschetta ready for a night with the girls.

  • EmmaStirling

    Looks amazing!

  • Camilla Ferraro

    YUMMO love fresh figs!

  • So divine!! Love love love figs xx

  • Just leaving a quick teaser on Hannah’s JO meal. She’ll fill us in tomorrow:

  • Nickie Hursthouse

    Had a lovely flat dinner last night of Jamie’s fabulous Cheats Pizza with Rocket Salad!

  • Nickie Hursthouse

    Second time lucky with the picture!

  • #FRD2013 Almond & cumin crusted salmon fillet, green beans and carrot & pumpkin mash. Delicious & nutritious.

  • Here is my very belated Food Revolution Day photograph. Slow cooked lamb shoulder with flageolet beans. So superb as a winter warming dinner party dish.

    Such beautiful photos and dishes. Congrats everyone. What a revolution xx

  • In honour of FRD2013 I made a Jamie Oliver-esque ‘cheats pizza’. I made a doughy base with wholemeal and white SR flour with natural yoghurt (about 1 part yoghurt to 1.5 parts flour and bring it together, knead and flatten on a floured surface). I topped it with garlic olive oil, dried oregano, chorizo bits, red capsicum and home grown cherry tomatoes and baked it in a moderate oven for 15 minutes or so. Yum! (but next time I think I’ll add sliced olives)

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks for participating Nicole and yes double Yum!

  • EmmaStirling

    Ooh another ripper! love the combo of carrot and pumpkin mash.

  • EmmaStirling

    Fab Nickie! I love a bit of fresh Rocket on my pizza.

  • Karen Kingham

    Hi Honey only just got a chance to check back through the comments. This recipe is such a nourishing, tasty and comforting dish made even more special by its source – sharing the love through food 🙂 xxxx

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