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Slow cooker recipe roundup & KitchenAid Giveaway – by Emma Stirling APD

Are you craving rustic, home cooked comfort food like soups and stews this winter? But are you often in a rush, cooking dinner fast, when you’d love more time to take it slow? Have we got the solution for you lovely readers -our bumper Slow Cooker Recipe Roundup. AND your chance to win a KitchenAid Artisan Slow Cooker. Oh yes. Really!

Slow Food Hands Free

Part of my winter survival strategy is to get my slow cook on. I can prep and forget in the morning and then come home to the wafting smells of a ragu, braise, curry or tagine with aromatics like garlic, rosemary, star anise, cinnamon and cumin.  Or more often these days chipotle and chilli.  Using secondary cuts of meat like oyster blade or beef cheeks, which tenderise divinely low and slow, I can pad out a healthy meal with winter vegetables like pumpkin, parsnips, cauliflower, beetroot, plus favourite legumes like lentils, chickpeas or kidney beans for pulled pork tortillas.  Our recent Facebook poll revealed Slow Cooker lovers in the scoop community, so I know amongst us we have a bumper collection of recipes to share. And how thrilled was I that KitchenAid offered to support our Recipe Roundup with a giveaway prize.

Share a recipe : For your chance to win

So we’re after your all time favourite slow cooker recipe.  And all you need to do to enter our KitchenAid Artisan Slow Cooker giveaway, is to share a link to the recipe below in the comments.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Kitchenaid giveaway OMG!

Competition terms:

1. Find a favourite online slow cooker recipe from your own or inspirational blog, favourite chef, restaurant or recipe site.

2. Paste the link in our comments below with a brief description of what makes this dish so perfect in winter or why it’s your top pick.  Make sure it screams “pick me”.

3. One lucky winner with the most creative entry will be chosen and receive a home delivered KitchenAid Artisan 5.7L Slow Cooker RRP $199.00.  Multiple entries accepted.

4. Competition is open to all Australian residents and closes 5pm Wednesday 10th July AEST.

Introducing the KitchenAid Slow Cooker

I’ve had loan of the newest member of the KitchenAid family for two months now and love the design and functions of the slow cooker.  The 5.7L capacity is ample and often means I double up a dinner recipe to serve our family and stock the freezer.  It has 24hr programability and a warm setting that keeps food safe at 62degree Celsius for up to four hours after cooking.  The innovative double sided lid is great for serving and the ceramic bowl is easy to clean and *sighs with delight* dishwasher safe.

Converting traditional, pot recipes to an electric slow cooker is easy.  As a rule of thumb, reduce the liquid by at least 1/3 and increase the cooking time – 1hr in oven = 6-8hours slow cook.

Recipes we love

So let me get us started and kick off our roundup cook up.  I loved testing and eating:

Slow Cooked Beef Ragu

Slow Cooked Beef Ragu above from

Bouef Bourguignon from Rachel Khoo Little Paris Kitchen

Spanish Style Pulled Pork from KitchenAid Australia.   For more inspiration follow @KitchenAidAusNZ on twitter and Pinterest and sign up here for their monthly newsletter full of expert tips, product info, recipes and noms.

Last but not least, I’ve been loving make slow cooker soups, loads of hearty winter soups, like spiced lentil and sweet potato for a warming lunch.

So what are you waiting for? Link us into your favourite way of taking it slow and join in our Slow Cooker Recipe Roundup in the comments below.  I can’t wait to read all the entries and get inspired. Can you?

  • Monique Nymeyer

    My favourite slow-cooker recipe at the moment is my slow-cooked minestrone with chicken. Adding in lots of chicken gives this classic soup a protein boost and makes it a complete, satisfying dinner, and cooking it up in bulk at home stops you buying the rubbish canned varieties. I’ve also devised a delicious Raw Cashew Kale Pesto to serve on top! (link inside my blog post). p.s. this recipe would be much easier to cook in a bigger slow cooker than the one I currently own…maybe like… a new Kitchenaid slow cooker…!

  • My top pick is Peposo: a traditional Italian beef stew from Tuscany that’s almost magical. It delivers rich, complex flavours and yet has only a handful of ingredients and takes next to no time to throw together for the slow cooker. Served with polenta or a simple mash and a green vegetable, it’s the perfect meal to come home to on a cold winters day.

  • EmmaStirling

    Oh thanks for sharing Kerryn! That sounds divine…off to tweet it now!

  • EmmaStirling

    Oh gosh Monique – your soup with that amazing pesto looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Nikki Boswell

    Emma my favourite slow cooker recipe would have to be my vegetable soup – what is more winter than warming your hands around a bowl of heart vegetable soup!

    Oh and “Pick Me!!!” – I am stuck making my soup the old fashion way as I don’t have a slow cooker

  • Larina

    I love my slow cooker – it’s my ultimate partner in the kitchen! It’s cracked and worn but still works, and helps me make some of the most comforting meals! I recently have gotten into using it for baking too. When I’m on the run, it’s nice to know I can leave it for a while and the house won’t have burnt down! I haven’t got my own recipe yet, but the next one on my list is this: Banana Bread!

  • EmmaStirling

    Wow thanks Larina – I hadn’t thought about cakes like this! Really innovative.

  • EmmaStirling

    Ahh fantastic Nikki and loud and clear!

  • Valeria Ferraro

    Jamie’s Oliver’s lovely beef stew is my pick- used osso bucco instead of beef steak last night and worked a treat!

  • EmmaStirling

    Ooh fantastic Valeria! I must try this.

  • Yvette Lawton

    Love this american recipe. So simple for a busy family just layer it in and let it cook.

  • Mandy

    We love this braised lamb shoulder, globe artichoke and quinoa recipe by Simon Lawson. I tried it at his restaurant in Sydney a while back and was so pleased to find it online a few months ago. It has double the artichoke love – jerusalem and globe. Woweee. Hope you all enjoy it

  • Hannah Gilbert

    I’m new to this slow cooker business but do love arriving home to a hearty delish dish, especially in the chilly weather. We served this superb spicy pulled pork at a mexican inspired dinner party recently with tortillas, cumin corn on the cob, guac, refried beans, chilli lime and the other mex essentials. It’s a recipe you just have to bookmark

  • EmmaStirling

    Wow thanks Yvette – my kids would love this cheesy creation

  • EmmaStirling

    Oh wow double artichoke! Thanks Mandy

  • EmmaStirling

    I remember your gorgeous photo on Instagram Hannah! Perhaps you can upload for us??

  • Karen Kingham

    The aroma of slow cooked beef cheeks in vanilla and port was divine in my kitchen this week. Easily done in the oven or slowcooker I swaped the port for some left over shiraz and balanced the flavour with a little brown sugar. Served up with polenta and plenty of winter greens it was so special it felt just like the weekend!

  • Suzie Q

    “Jools goes mad for this recipe in the winter months” and so do I, my husband, our guests and family. We all love the simplicity, the combination of winter root vegetables and the fact there is no need to brown the meat! However, my husband often makes this recipe in large batches and it oozes all over the oven floor which drives me F*&%^n crazy! I’m left to scrape the cremated sauce off the base of the oven BUT if we had had a Kitchen Aid Slow Cooker everyone would be happy!

  • EmmaStirling

    Ahh wonderful Suzie Q – someone made this during our Food Revolution Day Challenge too! And your oven mess is a nightmare.

  • EmmaStirling

    oooh Karen Vanilla and Port

  • Clare

    Love making this as the nights close in and winter descends. It is essentialy a cheats tagine-minimum fuss maximum flavour! Perfect served with pearl couscous and roasted vegetable medley as a side. I sometimes like to boost the flavour by adding a spoon of quince paste (in which case add a squeeze of lemon to balace the sweetness) along with a few teaspoobs ras el hanout to the lamb spice mix.

  • Sarah

    I have inherited an old ‘Crock-Pot’ that was a wedding present to my parents back in 1980 – still works a treat! A favourite in our house is slow-cooked lamb shanks, served on cous cous with parsley and preserved lemon.

    Lamb shanks, onions, garlic, tinned tomatoes, heaps of vegies, chickpeas, borlotti beans and a splash of red wine all in the pot. Add a little vegie stock and leave on low.

    Arrive home. Cook cous cous, pick parsley and open jar of homemade preserved lemons.

    Sit down to deliciousness!

  • Debbish

    I don’t actually own a slow-cooker and and am incredibly inept when it comes to cooking (in general). However, I am ADDICTED to a recipe shared by Nikki from Styling You:

    I’ve recently moved to live near my mother and when I visit weekly she puts some low-fat beef etc in foil in the slow-cooker ALL DAY, later shredding it. We either add tinned cherry tomatoes and GF sweet chilli sauce (I’m yet to find chipotle sauce?!) and have it in tacos or on nachos*; OR she just saves some of the juices and makes gravy and does some roast veges (sans oil) in the oven and we eat it as a roast. BE-EW-DE-FUL!

    So…. it would be nice to have my own slow-cookers as I could cook for her for a change. (Or *ahem* she could come to my place and cook – which actually sounds far preferable!)

    * I will NEVER eat mince on nachos again now. I am ‘ruined’.

    Deb from Diet Schmiet.

  • EmmaStirling

    Love the description Clare – cheats tagine!

  • EmmaStirling

    Fantastic thanks Sarah – love a shorthand recipe!

  • EmmaStirling

    Ahh ripper Deb

  • Thanks Deb and Emma … It’s the only way we can do tacos around this place now too!

  • Sharon Fawcett This is a recipe for slow cooker pumpkin soup which I make often, it only takes about 10mins prep time and it does the rest itself and in my opinion Pumpkin Soup is the ultimate winter meal, it’s hot, tasty and wholesome.

  • Narelle Rock

    Nothing beats the meat falling off the bone, served up with creamy mashed potato and warm crusty bread to soak up the juices…

  • Glenda Bishop

    I absolutely love slow cooked meals but don’t have a slow cooker, so
    it’s always done in the oven or in a big pot simmering away on the stove. Normally I
    make casseroles with beef, lamb or venison, which means that I can use the
    cheaper cuts and still produce a great meal. I love how the house smells during the hours of cooking, although it sometimes makes me so hungry that I start looking for snacks (oops!). Normally I tend to use Italian and French flavours, but last year for the first
    time I made chilli con carne using this Jamie Oliver recipe It was so filling and warming, but also incredibly fresh and lively with complex flavours that just burst in your mouth. We enjoyed it so much that we were left with silly little smiles on our faces after we had finished the meal. And as with most slow cooked meals it was excellent as leftovers. I have started playing with other chilli recipes that use different cuts of beef, but none have compared to the flavours in Jamie’s recipe.

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Sharon – love soups in the slow cooker too

  • EmmaStirling

    Sounds fab Narelle – the maple syrup would add a lovely depth

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Glenda! You echoed my sentiments above about moving towards more spicy recipes too.

  • Auntie Lizzie

    My favorite is a pork roast with sliced onions and quartered granny smith apples in a packet of dry mushroom soup mix with 4 cups water… it cooks the apples mush down and thickens the yummy gravy….Makes an awesome pull a part pork with a lovely gravy.serve with mashed potatoes and a green veg.

  • tracywed because this recipe really makes you realise that its not just stews and casseroles that can be amazing in a slow cooker

  • Karina Wong

    Tasty, hearty and good for health and the recipe states =)

  • Monique Fenn

    My mum makes the best Beef Strog in her slow cooker. I haven’t had it in years, but I still dream about it. With extra sour creamy to make it oh so smooth!

  • Narelle Rock

    When it’s cold outside there is nothing better than a hot and spicy curry, this one is divine, full of flavour, can make it as hot as you like, delicious tender meat, have also made with chicken instead of lamb.

  • Esshi

    Paula Deen’s Orange and Rosemary Chicken, not only because it sounds delish!! but also because it’s something a bit different from same old crockpot stews. I wouldn’t have thought to use a slow cooker to make traditional dishes, just opens up lots of new yummy possibilites. PIIIIIICKKKKKK MEEEEEEE!!!!!! 🙂

  • Deborah Blakley

    Thanks for the awesome slow cooker recipes everyone. I cant decide what to make first. Our hands down family favourite is this Chicken and Olive Casserole. Somehow it manages to taste even better the next day, so I always make extra!

  • Grace Choi

    I’d definitely make a slow cooked massaman lamb shank curry, it’s the perfect sticky, warm and moorish comfort meal, best mopped up with crispy roti bread.

  • Isabel

    I still remember those school holidays in winter when my sister and I would go to grandma’s place for dinner. She is the queen of slow-cooked meals and her dishes are the best winter warmer. One of my favourite dish of hers is slow cooked beef and chili, it was so delicious we always went for seconds and grandma was always happy to see us enjoying her cooking. She’d always say, “have some more, my dears”.

    I came across this recipe last month and it reminded me of my grandma’s slow cooked meal so I decided to make it one rainy weekend. And I was glad I did! It was so warm and comforting, with the right amount of chili for the kick you need in cold miserable winter. With every bite, I was immediately transported back in time to my grandmother’s dinner table savouring her slow cooked beef and chili for dinner. It is so wonderful to have found such a sweet reminder of my grandma and the lovely childhood memories that will last forever.

  • Narelle Rock

    For a healthier meat alternative that is quite often a lot cheaper, this slow cooked kangaroo recipe would be great for the families on a budget. (just tell the kids it’s chicken!!)–slow-cooker-.aspx

  • Tom Scully

    This recipe hasn’t been written for a slow cooker but is easily adapted. Simply sautee the mustard seeds, onion,chilli and curry leaves in a seperate pan then transfer to your slow cooker and follow the recipe as written. The cooking time will need to be extended by a few hours as you’ll be cooking at a lower temperature, the longer you leave it the more the flavours infuse. I love this recipe because it is wonderfully spicy without having too much chilli heat (although we usually add more!). The thing I like most about this recipe is the vegetables are easily changed to suit individual preference or what’s in season. We usually add some chickpeas/lentils. It’s perfect to have in your repertoire for meatless monday or when vegetarian/vegan friends come over for dinner

  • EmmaStirling

    Wow thanks Tom – good to have a vego option. I do a version of this Indian Style Veg curry too.

  • EmmaStirling

    Love the name Narelle – Roo Vindaloo!

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks so much – I think the site name is perfect for what you described “A taste of home”

  • EmmaStirling

    Ooooh Grace you had me at Lamb shank curry

  • EmmaStirling

    Ahh perfect Deb – thanks for linking us into your fantastic site

  • EmmaStirling

    What a perfect flavour combo!

  • EmmaStirling

    There’s just something about curry in winter!

  • EmmaStirling

    Korean ginseng chicken soup recipe (sam-gye-tang) – very interesting thanks Karina

  • EmmaStirling

    Slow Cooker Creme Caramel – OMG!

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Auntie Lizzie – love another shorthand recipe

  • EmmaStirling

    Shame about the name “strog” but such a comfort food fave

  • Esshi


  • Narelle Rock

    Who doesn’t love a good lasagne, even better when the slow cooker does it all for you!

  • staceyshailer

    I’ve made this delicious Moroccan Beef Curry many times now in the slow cooker, it’s easy, delicious and in high-rotation on my menu plan!

  • Narelle Rock

    This is what is needed in our house at the moment, with so many bugs and germs going around!

  • Narelle Rock

    This soup reminds me of when I was younger, I used to love sitting down to a bowl of pea and ham soup, some buttered toast, dipping it in, delicious!!!

  • Jasmine N

    Chicken and sweet potato stew: This recipe screams ‘get in my belly’ 🙂

  • JBMarigold

    Any SLOW-COOKED WINTER FRUIT is yummy, but I can’t go past the luscious aroma of QUINCES wafting through the house all day! Could you?!
    Especially this spiced version…

  • Jasmine N I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. This is bursting with flavours. How could you say no to vodka???

  • Narelle Rock

    I love a rich bolognese sauce poured all over wholemeal pasta with grated fresh parmesan cheese over the top.

  • EmmaStirling

    Thanks Narelle for all your fab entries!

  • EmmaStirling

    Definitely curry weather in Melbourne!

  • EmmaStirling

    Ooh thanks Jasmine – actually 18 recipes in your link!

  • EmmaStirling

    Oh slow cooked quinces with vanilla and cardamon!

  • EmmaStirling

    Get out –

    Slow baked Lamb shoulder on Giant Rigatoni (Bloody Mary Lamb shoulder)!

  • Narelle Rock

    as you can probably tell I love cooking in the slow cooker, would use it every day if the one I had was big enough to feed all 6 of us!

  • Nina @ What’s for eats?

    My ‘slow’ recipes have always been made in the oven or on the stove top as I don’t own a slow cooker. A recipe that has already been given a good workout in my kitchen this
    winter is one for a slow-roasted Greek Lamb that I found in a recent Weight Watchers
    mag. This is a recipe that had my name written all over it- chuck
    everything in some baking paper and leave it to slowly roast in the oven
    until the meat is melt-in-the-mouth tender. There is no mucking around
    with basting or checking liquid levels for gravy – it is a set and
    forget recipe with only a few simple and perfectly matched ingredients…

  • Maria Pennisi
    As with most recipes using slow cookers this is easy. What stands out is the divine and exotic aroma.

  • Jasmine N Simple, delicious and certainly a crowd-pleaser. Yummy!!!!

  • Narelle Rock

    These are delicious, especially when served with a creamy mashed potato!

  • deejay11

    I cooked this dish for 4 hours on High in my slow-cooker for a dinner party – I used red onion and small new potatoes, and decorated the plates with sprigs of parsley – all the summer colours in a wonderful winter meal

  • Brett Parker

    Unfortunately I don’t have a slow cooker (but hopefully soon!!! 🙂 so the oven gets put on duty for this wonderfully tender, fall of the bone, meat extravaganza. Not to be had everyday, but life is too short not to indulge on the odd pulled pork roll with freshly made coleslaw. Yummmmmmmm!! 🙂

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    Pot luck? No way… Pot Roast. The best of both worlds – Lamb roast slow cooked in a delicious sauce. Serve with thick slices of fresh crusty bread.

  • Monica Scurlock

    This sounds Like the yummiest hot dessert for winter ever!!

  • Karly

    Coles have a new meat range called “Coles Made Easy” and everything I’ve tried so far has been divine. There are 8 products in their slow cook range (I just cook in the oven) and their Australian Pulled Pork Shoulder with BBQ Chilli Glaze is restaurant quality. Here’s a link –

  • Jasmine N
    Forget mum’s spag bol, this is our new family favourite. I cannot live without chicken. You could literally cook this with your eyes closed. So easy and very YUMMY!

  • Larissa Meecham

    Osso Bucco! My favourite slow cooker recipe of all time! Packed full of flavour and healthy goodness, it’s my go-to recipe for cold Winter nights. It’s also a great pick-me-up when you’re not feeling your brightest. The best bit- throw all of the ingredients on in the morning and let it simmer away all day long- it’s ready to serve when you walk through the door!
    Here’s one of my favourite osso bucco recipes:

  • Narelle Rock

    The perfect dessert for these cold winters nights, rich and tasty, served with creamy vanilla ice-cream or custard, delicious sticky date pudding!!

  • Kathleen Dollman

    Slow Cooked Burmese Chicken! Yummmmm!!

    So many slow cooked meals taste this same… Not this one! This Burmese Chicken recipe is different, warming and absolutely delicious!!

  • Sarah

    Oh dear, spoke too soon…arrived home to disappointment last night as the old Crock-Pot has finally given up the ghost…raw lamb shanks anyone?

  • Renata S

    STUFFED CAPSICUMS! Healthy, easy and something you would never think to make in a slow cooker.

    Just goes to show how versatile slow cookers are, not just for stews and casseroles!

  • EmmaStirling

    That’s a wrap on our competition everyone! Stay tuned for the winner tomorrow. But feel free to keep any recipes coming for our round up.

  • EmmaStirling

    Well drum roll please. After long discussions with the team at Kitchen Aid we’ve arrived at a winner. It was such a difficult task. Very difficult indeed, as the entries were so interesting and diverse from breakfast spiced fruit right through to desserts. And I can’t thank everyone enough for the remarkable efforts and stupendous recipe collection we now have for eternity on the site. The winner is: Kathleen Dollman with Slow Cooked Burmese Chicken. We like that Kathleen showcased a recipe with such pungent aromatics, to ward off winter. And as she says, the flavours like lemongrass, are different than typical stews and pot roasts. Congrats Kathleen we’ll be in touch by email. To all the lovely entrants, thank you again, and stay tuned for our next giveaway! And to Kitchen Aid, thank you for supporting our bumper round up.

  • Kathleen Dollman

    Yay!!! Can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this. My husband and I are absolute KitchenAid fanatics! Thank you very much!!

  • Narelle Rock

    congratulations Kathleen!

  • Kathleen Dollman

    Hi Emma,
    Just wanted to let you know that I received my KitchenAid Slow Cooker and I absolutely love it!! It is so easy to use and looks fantastic! It’s definitely not the type of slow cooker you want to hide away.
    I’ve attached a picture of my amazing new slow cooker and and my favourite slow cooker recipe, Burmese Chicken.
    Thank you Emma and KitchenAid for this wonderful prize, and congratulations Emma on such a great website.

  • Guest

    Thanks very much Narelle!

  • EmmaStirling

    Wonderful feedback thanks Kathleen!

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