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Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake – by Emma Stirling APD

It’s Recipe ReDux time again. The last for 2013. So we’re looking back and giving thanks. And moving forward with excitement, hence our theme: Good Luck Foods for the New Year. So are you feeling lucky? I am with this title. And let me explain why.

Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake

Lucky foods pop up in many cultures like soba noodles you slurp in long strands for longevity.  To circular cakes, celebrating a year in full circle.   But the scientist in me struggles between luck and probability. Sometimes I’m a believer.  But sometimes I think you can craft your own good fortune, just by changing your attitude. Sort of like the “when life gives you lemons” motto. Or being crafty and lucky with the title of a post.  If it just so happens to mention the leading diet craze of 2013. Bam. Hashtag baby.

australian gold coins - lucky coins

And for double good, fingers crossed luck. I’ve popped in lucky 7 gold coins and used a circular tin.  Can you see any lucky coins?

Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake image

With a perfect little portion and a dollop of vanilla yogurt, you’re good-to-go, come gluten-free treat time.  We’re off to carols by candlelight in the park tonight with my cake (after I’ve stuck the cut slice back together!). A sparkly night of community, family and friends. Follow along on Instagram.

a slice of Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake

Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake

Ingredients: 200g butter (several recipes use olive oil if you want to experiment); 200g fine / caster sugar; 200g almond meal; 100g polenta (fine is best but I only had coarse in the pantry and worked a treat); 1.5tsp gluten free baking powder; 3 eggs, lemon zest from 1-2 lemons.

Method: Cream the butter and sugar.  Mix dry ingredients together in separate bowl. With continuous beating add a little dry mix, then 1 egg. Repeat until all eggs and dry mix incorporated.  Add zest to your liking. Bake at 180degrees celsius in lined ring tin.

To Deanna, Regan and Serena – I feel so lucky being part of Redux.  Thank you. And to fellow Reduxers and lovely readers I’m so grateful for daily connections with you.  Have a wonderful Christmas or happy holiday – see you on the flipside next week or on insta throughout!

  • EmmaStirling

    Everyone LOVED the cake. Mum had the first slice and I only just told her about the coins in time!

  • Mum got the lucky coin! Reminds me of when our next door Irish neighbors would bake a cake with a coin, a baby, a ring, a stick and a few other things. Whatever you got was your fortune for the year (can’t remember if they made this at Christmas, new Years or St Patty’s Day) Anyway, love love this recipe (and your gorgeous lemons from your tree?)

  • Cindys Recipes

    I love that picture of your Mum! Your polenta cake with lemon sounds delicious! Happy New Year, Emma!

  • Dr Barb Nutrition Budgeteer

    Looks delish. Agree with your philosophy that attitude has a lot to do with one’s overall outlook.

  • Yummy! happy holidays!!

  • leslie @theguidedbite

    Great minds think alike!!!! Happy New Year 🙂

  • The kids Menu

    What could be luckier than having your lovely family around to share this delicious cake with. Merry Christmas Emma

  • Mary Brighton

    Love your posts. Love your stories. Love your humor. Love your recipes! CONTINUED SUCCESS and GOOD HEALTH for 2014!!!

  • Glenda Bishop

    It looks lovely Emma, and with three lucky elements – lucky coins, the number 7 and a ring – I’m sure it will help to get the new year going well. All the best for the coming year 🙂

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