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New research suggests that 40% of women and 50% of men are set to gain weight this winter. The case of the Winter CBFs (a.k.a the Winter Ceebs if you’re under the age of 25) is slowly starting to sweep the nation as the temperature drops and kitchen tops are left unattended. Reports of decreasing rates of gym attendance are directly correlated with the increasing number of pizza boxes in recycle bins*.

What people are yet to discover, is that a case of the Winter CBFs can ultimately lead a 5kg weight gain in a mere 3 months. You read that correctly. 5KG! Sadly, many of those who fall prey to the Winter CBFs will not fully recover. For these people, the thought of changing to a side of wilted spinach at brunch becomes too much when the past 3 winters have been all about adding bacon and halloumi to everything. Even porridge.

Spinach and mushrooms are eggsellent additions to your standard poached egg Pic from @laurafordnutrition

Spinach and mushrooms are eggsellent additions to your standard poached egg. Pic from @laurafordnutrition

Of course we all know that weight gain isn’t the ultimate measure of health. But let’s face it, most people aren’t gaining weight from increasing their bench press; they’re eating more comfort and takeaway food and moving around a lot less. So what can we do to combat the winter CBFs? No need to worry, the Scoop Storehouse Bloggers have all you need to keep your healthy habits rolling through winter.

1. Anna-Jane Debenham and Alexandra Parker from The Biting Truth have all you need for dining out and keeping the weight down. They’ve got some wonderful tips for a variety of different cuisines and highlight how those pre-drinks at dinner may add to extra calories on the table.

2. Rebekka Frazer from Nourished to Health likes to stay organized by keeping a list of healthy meals handy to avoid turning to takeaway when you don’t feel like cooking. Also incorporating exercise DVDs and YouTube videos into your daily routine if can’t stomach the idea of going for an icy run in the dark.

Simple Salad

Simple Salad from Instagram @laurafordnutrition

3. Susie Burrell has all the tips at her site Susie Burrell to remind you to be mindful of the choices you make when you can’t be bothered. It’s so important to remember that being healthy isn’t a seasonal thing and that long-term health is about ongoing commitment to healthy habits.

4. Sharon from Sharon’s Nutrition has simple tips for how to add flavour to your wintery meals without all the kilojoules as well as great tips on how to incorporate main salads into your winter menu.

5. Lisa Donaldson from Feed Inc. takes us back to basics with tips on how to move more, eat less and be more weight savvy.

And what tips does this Scoop Reporter have?
1. Exercise! You’re not cold when you’re dripping in sweat after a gym session. You’ll get warm, feel better and if you’ll be home when it’s dark anyway, you may as well get a gym session in too.
2. Get at least 5 serves of non-starchy vegetables in everyday before even thinking of having a winter treat.

* Note: this correlation may not be accurate as it is based on anecdotal evidence, not scientific fact

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