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#EatKit is held monthly on the third Wednesday of each month from 9-10 pm Australian ET in conjunction with Catherine Saxelby of Foodwatch. This is roughly 6am EST USA; 11am London, UK, the same day, depending on daylight savings.  Search for #EatKit on Twitter to read latest posts and to find out the topic for the next month.  We always publish the stimulus questions ahead of time below.

Read the background on #EatKit and how-to participate here.

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March 2015 topic: Grains: gluten free and ancient


Join as we explore all things hot in grains and health and giveaway copies of Ancient Grains with Catherine Saxelby.



Date: Wed 18 March 2015

Time: 9-10pm AEST

Here are our stimulus questions:

Q1. On one hand grains are taking a hammering due to low-carb and Paleo, but GF grains are hot. What are you into right now?

Q2. Will the gluten-free phenomenon come to an end? Is there room for more GF muffins, cookies, pasta, breads and other products?

Q4. Gluten free and ancient grains from spelt to einkorn are featuring. What are your favourite recipes or cooking tips?

Q5: What’s up next? Any new grains or trends on your radar? Are we eating less wheat and more variety of grains?


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