Jenna Obeid – December 2011

Jenna Obeid is a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition student at Deakin University in Melbourne. She has currently finished her second year of the three year course and hopes to do further study, looking at an Honours year or her ultimate goal; Master of Dietetics.

Jenna’s passion is nutrition and she enjoys sharing her learning with anyone who will listen! She enjoys learning about how nutrition demands change depending on factors such as age, gender and lifespan stage, with particular areas of interest being nutrition during childhood and adolescence as well as female nutrition during stages such as pregnancy, lactation and post-menopause.

She spends her family meal times explaining what nutrients are found in the meal presented in front of her.  Her mother often asks if a food is “good or bad for you”? And Jenna often starts “It is so much more than good or bad”.

Jenna has recently become a Nutrition Australia volunteer and is hoping to spend her summer helping the organisation and raising awareness about nutrition in many different settings.

She is very much into sports and living an active lifestyle. Growing up with gymnastics, she now finds herself coaching young girls. Jenna is also a competitive cheerleader and she went to the World Cheerleading Championships in the USA earlier this year representing Australia. Her team picked up a silver medal!

Make sure you follow and say hi to her on Twitter – Jenna on twitter as @JennaObeid

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