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Twitter Chat #EatKit – Info and monthly archive

Twitter chat #EatKit – tips and tricks from dietitians’ toolkits & kitchens

If you’d like to learn more about #eatkit, access each month’s questions or read the tweet archives, this is your place.

June topic:  “What’s trending in alcohol and health?”

Date    Wed 18 April 2014

Time      9pm AEST time in Sydney and Melbourne which is GMT + 11

Here are our stimulus questions:

Q. What’s the best drop in terms of health? Red wine, lite beer, vodka & soda?

Q. What’s trending around town? Good: Boutique cider and gin? Bad: energy drinks & alcohol?

Q. What’s your favourite recipe or dish using alcohol?

Q. How can we enjoy without overdoing it? Tips, tricks, abstinence, spacers, mocktails?


You can read our archives here:


Do you suffer from nutrition confusion? Are you unsure about the “right” healthy eating guidelines?  Then you will love this live, monthly Twitter chat.


#EatKit is one of the fastest way to hear the latest credible tips and tricks from expert dietitians around the globe.  Become part of the community and participate in question time, plus share your own insights and views too.  Join us and find out if low-fat is dead and buried? How to really use low GI in practice? Or the culinary nutrition guide to the best oils? A new hot topic from sugar to superfoods will be explored each month.

The hour-long chat is a virtual venue to discuss the latest headlines, new studies, controversial topics and issues related to the food we eat. The chats will be moderated by Catherine Saxelby and Emma Stirling, Australian Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD’s). We’ll also invite special guests or authors to lead the discussion.

Questions will be asked by the moderator (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.) and participants will respond to questions (A1, A2, A3), add comments or RT other answers.


The chat is open to everyone — you don’t have to be a dietitian or health professional.   Anyone interested in food and nutrition can take part, and various viewpoints are welcome. The chats will primarily focus on nutrition, but will also touch on various aspects of social media, including blogging, use of Twitter, etc. If you have a blog or a website, that’s great. You don’t need one to be involved.  The only requirement to participate is a Twitter account. If you missed the live tweeting, you’ll be able to find the monthly conversations archived on Foodwatch or The Scoop on Nutrition


#EatKit is held monthly on the third Wednesday of each month from 9-10 pm Australian ET.  This is roughly 6am EST USA; 11am London, UK, the same day, depending on daylight savings.

Search for #EatKit on Twitter to read latest posts and to find out the topic for the next month and links to the archives.


The chat happens live on Twitter and you can join in at any time during the hour.  Simply log on to your Twitter account and you can use any of these options to help you manage the conversations.

One option, go to and type in #EatKit.  Only the  tweets that include that hashtag (#) will appear.  You may have to refresh the page to get new results.

If you use Hootsuite, start a column for #EatKit.  Only tweets that are tagged with #EatKit will appear in that column.

There are several other programs you can use that are specifically designed for chats on Twitter:   We recommend

All you have to do is log on to one of those programs.  When prompted, type in #EatKit and you’ll only see tweets that include that hashtag.  It allows you to see the fast-paced conversation happening in real time.  You use it just like Twitter eg reply, comment, retweet, etc.  All of your tweets will automatically be tagged with #EatKit.


Tweet chats are a great way to meet and network with new people who share your interests.  They also provide a forum for you to communicate with a broader audience on Twitter and gain new followers.  #EatKit also allows dietitians to connect on newsy topics.  We often write about various issues on our blogs, but don’t always talk with each other about those topics.


This is an open chat of a general nature. It is not intended to be a place to ask for medical advice or personal health problems. If you need advice for an individual medical issue, we suggest you make an appointment with an accredited practising dietitian (APD) or your health care professional.

We value openness and transparency. If we mention products by brand, this does not imply an endorsement of any kind from our #EatKit group. If you work for or act as consultant to a particular food or food category, please declare your interest so we can listen to what you say within that context.


If you have additional questions or comments:

Twitter: @EmmaStirling or @Foodwatch

Email: or

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