Scoop Nutrition Year in Review – by Emma Stirling APD

What a wonderful feeling. To be so full of gratitude and anticipation, on the last day of the year.  So grateful for the times we’ve shared and the support you’ve given to keep the Scoop community alive and kickin’.  At the same time, so excited about our year ahead. The fun. The learning. The sharing. And all the good eating.  Are you?

So in case you missed any of our headliners, it’s time for the annual wrap up of what caught your attention, courted controversy or floated your foodie boat in our year in review.


News of the launch of the Low FODMAP Diet app from Monash University created a frenzy of “likes” and continues to be our most read post, as more and more people learn about treating irritable bowel syndrome and dietary intolerances.  While Danika Carty’s APD Overnight Oats in so 2013 Mason Jars, created a stir.


News of the new Australian Dietary Guidelines caught on twitter and we were very pleased to lead the story with our post.  The big consensus was food stylist puh-leze and there were many points of contention and opposing views.  We also celebrated our 3rd blog birthday.


We started to explore the hot, new nutrition term Clean Eating.  And the GS1 GoScan app got plenty of “likes” as a smarter way to shop.


My Baked Anzac Donuts for Recipe ReDux rode the cronut craze with a dose of good health thrown into the mix.   And we used our growing platform to cover less popular, but ever so important topics, like Indigenous Health and Nutrition.

 My Baked Anzac Donuts for Recipe ReDux


As proud Food Revolution Day Ambassadors we all cooked along with our Jamie Oliver challenge and joined in the global shout out to keep cooking skills alive.  And we supported Deakin University and Karen Campbell APD research as they went after (and secured) their first crowd sourced Pozible project.


With your help we had the bumper of all Slow Cooker recipes in our roundup and KitchenAid giveaway.  Plus we brought you the Scoop on the dangers of SkinnyME Tea and you spread the word on teatox watch outs.  Thank you.


I finally admitted my addiction to white marinated anchovies in our Recipe ReDux travel nutrition Tiffin Tortilla recipe. And we reminded everyone of the healthy benefits of volunteerism as we explored research on the Stephanie Alexander School Kitchen Garden Program.


We brought you one of the first Kinfolk Mag Australian events and reminded everyone to please, do it for the bees. And my Recipe Redux super cute Jam Jar Soda Bread Recipe hit your baking button.

Michael Pollan quote


Brett Parker APDs Paleo Diet Dabble saw us tuning into Kale Chips. And I presented on using your Social Media for Social Good at the Problogger Conference.

October (we were very busy)

We uncovered the nutrition know how of the Cold Pressed Juice Craze.  And as proud World Vision Blogger Ambassadors we celebrated World Blog Action Day and the premiere of Girl Rising.  We also celebrated National Nutrition week with an exploration of Michael Pollan’s Cooked. And brought you the Scoop on the Hot Topics from the Sports Dietitians Conference.


We got crafty in the kitchen for Recipe ReDux with my Salted Honey, Rosemary Roasted Chickpeas.  And explored Australian terroir and bush foods.


We explored the controversial topic of fructose in our post on the Sweet Symposium. And rode the gluten free wave with my New Year Lemon Polenta Lucky Cake.

So I hope you get a chance to recap and read any missed posts during your holidays.  You may also like to pop over the The Hoopla and read my latest guest post – Is Detox a dirty word? If you’re a dietitian with a guest post idea or tale to tell, we’d love to feature you. And to all our lovely readers, cheers.  It’s been a big year and we can’t wait to kick off 2014 with you. If you have any idea for a post or a topic you’d like scooped. Or just any tips on what you’d like more of, love to hear below.

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