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Give it up for We at Problogger Training Event 2014 – by Emma Stirling APD

I have something very special for you this week lovelies.  I’m heading to the Problogger conference on the Gold Coast to run a workshop on Social Media for Social Good.  And have decided to hand over this post to you!  Yes you. And me. We. I’m inviting linkups from #pbevent delegates and any of our regular readers who have an example post to share of social media for social good.  Keep jumping back to have a look as it grows!

Random acts of kindness are good.  Co-ordinated blogger acts are absolutely awesome.

Longterm readers will know that I’m big on using your online klout to support causes or charities close to your heart.   I’ve been a World Vision Blogger ambassador since the beginning of the program and can’t wait to hear Stephen Ellis from World Vision and Eden Riley from Edenland talk on our panel.  If you want to read a Scoop background post on when it all began with Eden in Niger start here.  Carly Findlay will also be speaking about the amazing work she has done using her blog to raise mainstream awareness and support for a rare skin condition, icythyosis.  But most of all I have to thank Darren Rowse, aka Problogger, for making bloggers see the importance and the potential in this space.

Random acts of kindness are good  quote - problogger

Volunteer – it really is good for you, your readers, your blog

In today’s busy world, retweeting a charities message or voting for a grass roots health campaign on Pozible is such an easy way to do good. It’s new age volunteerism.  A recent systematic review and meta-analysis led by researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School in England found that volunteers reported lower levels of depression, increased life satisfaction and enhanced well-being.

But we really don’t have fantastic systems in place just yet for bloggers to get involved.  And many charities, not for profits and non government organisations just don’t know how to begin with bloggers.  So here is our start.

1. Follow our workshop using #pbevent on twitter Sat 30th August 12-1pm AEST.  And tweet us your ideas!  There will loads of most excellent blogging tips from Thursday to Monday and fun on instagram too.

2. Add to our linkup below – your example of a blog post that shows social media for social good in action.  Go on!  We’d love to share and showcase your good work…even if you think it is tiny!

3. Drop us a comment if you’re a blogger with a big idea or an organisation wanting to connect with bloggers!  Will be adding more tips as we move through the conference.  I can’t wait to debrief with you later lovelies. Can you help me spread the word about this important post?  And give it up for we?!


UPDATE: We had such an amazing session and I can’t wait to tell you more in another post. But for now check out the live tweets and links:

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