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Hip, hip hooray it’s our 6th Blog Birthday

Gosh, another year?!  I honestly can’t believe we are celebrating six years at Scoop Nutrition.  Blogging years are like dog years and we are getting very grown up now! Today is also the first anniversary of Storehouse Blog Directory.  Storehouse was my shift in focus away from showcasing local talent through guest posts and Sub of…


Melbourne Tomato Festival Shakshuka for #RecipeReDux

One of my very first post, almost 6 years ago now, was how I so wish that I’d been born a sister from an Italian Mister.  Well, actually Greek or Swedish would have been fine too. Anything, more multicultural than my 6th gen Aussie Scottish stock. Absolutely, anything. Now I’m getting older and wiser and learning…


On meeting Magnus and documenting the Nordic Diet

Chef crush. There I’ve said it. My not so secret, secret is out. You can have your movie star swoon any day. My heart palpitates for men in kitchens. But before you get worried about Mr Surfer Dude’s position in my life, I can reassure you that my crush is admiration from afar. It’s not…

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