APD / Accredited Practising Dietitians in Australia

A-Z Listing of Blogs by Accredited Practising Dietitians (ADP)

We are passionate about supporting dietitians and nutritionists to be strong communicators. Ultimately this helps our cause to see credible nutrition information in the media and online. Check out the growing list!

AM Dietetics (Anne Myers-Wright APD)

Apples Under My Bed (Heidi Thornton APD)

Apple to Zucchini (Sally Garrard APD & Angelique Clark APD)

Bariatric Bites (Sally Johnston APD)

Bites for Life (Kaitlyn Anderson APD)

BJC Health: Diet & Nutrition (Chloe Mcleod APD)

Broccoli & Blueberries (Emma Stubbs APD)

Cheering for Nutrition (Jenna Obeid APD)

Concept Nutrition (Giselle Brand APD)

Diet stop (Kate Gudorf APD)

Dietitian on a mission (Elisa Rossimel APD)

Dietitian without Borders (Gemma Critchley APD)

Do You Eat (Kate Bullen APD)

Dr Joanna Blog (Joanna McMillan APD)

eat sleep dream love food (Jemma O’Hanlon APD)

ENT Wellbeing blog (Belinda Elwin APD)

Everyday Nutrition (Joanna Baker dietitian-to-be)

Feed Inc. (Lisa Donaldson APD)

Felicity Curtain (Felicity Curtain dietitian-to-be)

Fit & Fancy (Sana Motlekar APD)

Flat Out & Still Fabulous (Caitlin Reid APD)

Food Child (Georgie Child APD)

Foodwatch (Catherine Saxelby APD)

Glenn Cardwell Blog (Glenn Cardwell APD)

Grainddiction (Dea Krismarietta APD)

Healthy Bods Nutrition (Courtney Dinnerville APD)

Healthy Home Cafe (Caroline Trickey APD)

Health Victory Nutrition Experts (Katherine Baqleh APD)

Inspired Nutrition (Camilla Ferraro dietitian-to-be)

Jessica Luongo Nutrition (Jessica Luongo APD)

Joanne Leeson Blog (Joanne Leeson dietitian-to-be)

Julie Markoska Blog (Julie Markoska APD)

Julie’s Peak Performance Blog (Julie Meek APD)

K & Y Nutrition Solutions (Fumi Somehara APD)

Kate Di Prima – Dietitian (Kate Di Prima APD)

Karen Inge (Karen Inge APD)

Marchini Nutrition (Diabetes Counselling Online) (Sally Marchini APD)

Matt’s Mission Metabolism Blog (Matt O’Neill APD)

Melanie Voevodin Blog  (Melanie Voevodin)

No Honey on My Porridge (Emily Robertson dietitian-to-be)

Nourish Me Simply (Sonia Navidi APD)

Nutrition A-Z (Sandra Mikhail APD)

Nutrition Chic (Cindy Williams APD)

Nutrition In Action (Eucale Stanes APD)

Nutrition NT Blog (Huiru Teoh APD & Sally Johnston APD)

Nutrition: The Fourth Discipline (Margaret Mielczarek APD)

Nutrition with Wendy (Wendy Li APD)

Nutted Out Nutrition (Melissa Adamski APD, Linda Chemello APD & Helen Duong APD)

Off-Duty Dietitian (Ash Jones APD)

Orchard Fresh Nutrition (Emily Orchard APD)

Practice Pavestones (Tara MacGregor APD)

Professional Nutrition Services Blog (Nicole Senior APD)

Rethink Nutrition (Jacqueline Tyler APD)

SOL Nutrition Blog (Christina Turner APD)

SQUASH (Christina Glitsos APD)

Susie Burrell Blog (Susie Burrell APD)

Tara Diversi Blog (Tara Diversi APD)

Taste Testing Melbourne (Emily Scott dietitian-to-be)

Tessa Cornwell’s Blog (Tessa Cornwell dietitian-to-be)

The Balanced Lunchbox (Joanna Mirtschin APD)

The Dietetic Degustation (Megan Cameron-Lee APD)

The Dietitian’s Pantry (Alex Hoare APD)

The Family Kitchen (Karen Kingham APD)

The Food Expert (Hanan Saleh APD)

The Goode Wife (Naomi Goode dietitian-to-be)

The Good Food Theory (Jade Ashby dietitian-to-be)

The Nutriscientist (Emily Greenfield APD)

The Good Wolf Manifesto (Nicola Hursthouse APD)

The Travelling Dietitian (Kara Landau APD)

Thinking Nutrition (Tim Crowe APD)

Uplifting Health (Rebecca Brunner dietitian-to-be)

What’s for Eats (Nina Mills APD)

The APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian) credential signifies dietitians who are accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia.


Sound sites on health and nutrition:

Anaphylaxis Australia

Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health

Dietitians Association of Australia

Glycemic Index Foundation

Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council

Nutrition Australia

Nuts for Life

Omega-3 Centre


Links for lovers of local food:

Scoop On Nutrition Pinterest board: #UrbanForage Files

A online pinboard displaying our food finds outside the big supermarkets – backyards, roadsides, farmers markets, food fairs and specialty shops.

Australian Farmers’ Market Association

Slow Food in Australia


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